We imagine the Divine as distant and inaccessible, whereas in fact we live steeped in its burning layers. ~Teilhard de Chardin

Around us at  every juncture is all the evidence we need for the presence of magick. Trained in western thinking and the scientific method, however, our eyes slide over the most astonishing miracles.  We  rationalize the strange and unexpected and relegate profound synchronicity to the status of coincidence.  

Magick happens in hints and guesses influenced by everything connecting us with each other and the world around us. We don’t cause magick to happen so much as we provide it the space in which to occur and the willingness to participate with it. The more we live in the sacred spaces we thus create, the more magick we will observe.

You might say magick arises from a sacred geometry, but some of the geometric constructs are vastly large and therefore not easily observed.  They are there nevertheless. Fractals offer an amazing glimpse at the structure of these constructs. By observing the patterns in nature and behavior we can gain insight into what we call psychic phenomenon but which we can access intuitively almost as a commonplace once we begin living with a full appreciation of the fact everything is connected.

Consider all of existence may be one giant fractal. Each pattern we observe is a part of an infinitely smaller and larger pattern. If this is true, then psychic ability becomes the capacity to simply participate with and appreciate pre-existing patterns.

Magick is as natural as wind, volcanoes and other phenomenon, except it is borne of consciousness. In our own frame of reference, and just like quantum mechanics, it exists only because life exists. It is the product of the collective unconscious as it erupts through the emerging consciousness of  the universe, including mankind. 

The connections between us, and between humans and nature, are the threads on which magick travels. From close up and from great distances, patterns emerge in those connections and each of us is a point repeated endlessly in the fractal.

Your place in the pattern is infinitely important. Nothing would be the same if you were not here and you affect everyone about you.  You are god’s eyes and ears, a new perspective for the people around you and a participant in nature. You don’t come into the world from somewhere else. You came out of the world shaped by everything around you.

Nothing has been the same since you first came into existence and nothing will be the same again. Make an effort to drop your presumptions and prejudices. Fall in love with life, no matter how hard it may be at times. Treat yourself well and watch carefully existence as it manifests itself to you. If you take care, that is where the magick happens. ~ e. dawson richards

Magick is not bending the exterior world to your will.  That is the popular, superstitious image of fiction and fostered by a long cultural misunderstanding. Rather, magick is a way of participating with the connected nature of existence to experience the resulting synchronicities.

Magick rides on the connections between the individual and other objects in the universe.  The more connected we are, the more we experience and see the magick.  When we fail to perceive the connections, when they are lost to our minds, the magick is no longer visible. An appreciation of the interconnectedness of all existence is fundamental to a proper understanding of magick.

 ”True beauty transcends the 12 hours on the face of a clock and the 12 months on every calendar. No big surprise,  though, because beauty is not a purely human conceit - it has divine roots." ~ e. dawson richards

Disclaimer - I don’t know this woman, but she is the “oldest living yoga teacher” so a post on a Tumblr page is small homage….


In honor of the divine feminine in you, in us all.

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. Isaiah 45:7

The Christian religion so seldom takes notice of the dual nature of God. The pagan mind, however, cannot miss the dark side of our mythologies. But we don’t easily acknowledge the degree to which our shadow bears witness to what is deepest within. Our prejudices, the things we despise, the attitudes in others we most detest have roots in our own psyche.  When our self-awareness fails we can slip into the trap of creating a we-they separation between ourselves and others, ourselves and the rest of creation.

Magick is at its core the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. When we are connected to another, we can understand, we can see, we can empathize and merge with the other.  Without that vital connection we isolate our energies and the synchronicities between us fail to be noticed. With that failure, the magick collapses into chaos once more. It isn’t magick that’s not present, it’s ourselves.

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